Taste the soul of Sicily with Settesoli


  • Market Audit
  • Brand/ Campaign Strategy
  • Visual Identity Design
  • Point of Sale Communications
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Visual Principles / Templates


  • Successful launch and US nationwide roll out in January 2018
The Brief

The Settesoli family of winegrowers have been passionately caring for their vineyards in coastal Sicily for generations. Settesoli is a story of a passionate vinicultural community in Menfi, Sicily where the wines are crafted by a growing community of 2,000 families of wine growers. Grapes are carefully harvested under the warm Sicilian sun, ensuring the wine has the heart and soul of this unique territory. The Settesoli distributor for the US market required a launch campaign that was as as rich visually and verbally as the wines themselves.

Juliet Victor logo make up of j and v elements in silver on black background
The Strategy

Our approach was two-fold. Firstly we wanted to communicate the origin story of Sicily and it’s rich natural bounty. The second was to differentiate the brand by telling the story of the makers – the tight-knit community that work and in live in the region and pour their passion into the making the product every day. They are the makers of taste, sharing their age old secrets from generation to generation. The character of Settesoli is as genuine and authentic as the lifestyle of its community. Each family works the sun-kissed territory with pride, taking advantage of a perfect micro-climate of different soils, sea breezes and exposures, ensuring each wine captures the essence of this unique territory. The Settesoli range delivers distinctive wines that allow you to taste the Soul of Sicily.

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The Solution

The final outcome was a colourful, passionate and warm campaign which invited shoppers to go beyond merely purchasing an Italian wine but instead be transported from their own lives to experience Sicily and richness and vibrancy of life on the Mediterranean island. Central to the visual system was a simple silhouette of the island, effectively anchoring the Communications to a real place. Handmade mark-making, painterly strokes and imagery of the personalities and people who live in the region and make the wine brought a depth to the product experience the connected with shoppers.

Settesoli Website
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