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Diversity of ideas: Building tailored teams from the world’s best creative and strategic entrepreneurs

BILLION is more than an ‘agency’, we are also keen to work in a way that suits the needs of our clients. One way which we are super excited about is our Co-Lab Network. Let us explain more… over the past few years we have built a micro community network of elite creatives, designers and strategists. When a project requires some additional specialist skills we invite the right individuals to work along side our internal team in order to execute projects in a collaborative manner. I guess you could call us an agency-collaboration hybrid!

A Global Perspective

With so many channels and interfaces these days we found that most design challenges required a multi-disciplinary approach. With this in mind, we started to question the efficacy of agencies servicing clients with exclusively ‘in-house’ talent. We felt, surely it is better for any given project if we have the best suited skillsets to achieve the best possible result. For us, casting a wider net was the obvious answer.

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Hub and Spoke

We believe that a blended approach allows us to create teams with the ‘perfect fit’. Once we thoroughly understand our clients needs, we hand select the best design talent (that we feel will compliment our own core skillsets) from within our network and invite them in to the project team. Our network has a mixture of specialist abilities: Social Media Strategists, Illustrators, UX / UI Designers, Developers, Service Designers, the list goes on! Working seemlessly in an end to end manner, providing our clients with a joined up approach which provides more effective outcomes and in a more cost efficient way.

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If you are a hot shot creative and would like join in, drop us a line and let’s get chatting.