Redefining an authentic cultural brand story with Liquiproof

bottles of Liqiproof protector and cleaner showing new brand design with blocks of colour


  • Market Audit
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Packaging Design
  • Visual Identity Design
  • Social Media Visual Principles


  • New landmark deals with ASOS, Zalando, Office, Offspring and END
  • New launch deal in North America Nordstrom Rack
  • Y-o-Y sales growth up 215%
  • Reversed downward trend of followers on social media
  • Spike in online references and influencer approaches 

The Brief

In 2018 we undertook a grass-roots strategic re-positioning and complete visual re-brand of Liquiproof – the worlds leading environmentally friendly shoe and clothing protection brand. Formulated using all natural ingredients, advanced technology and without any harmful toxins, Liquiproof allows for people to keep their leather and fabric goods protected in a clean and responsible way. Though the brand had enjoyed some success over the previous number of years after appearing on the UK’s Dragons Den, it was experiencing some issues breaking into new large scale, global retailers. This issue was largely put down to the visual brand lacking appeal and being deemed as too ‘generic’ and ‘pharmaceutical’ in feel.

Packaging design for new Liquiproof brand, two cartons with block color in blue and green

The Challenge 

In order to reach a new desired fashion consumer through more curated retail channels such as ASOS, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols our team undertook strategy and creative programmes to re-define the brand and find a new contemporary impactful expression. As the product was originally developed by a Chemist, our hypothesis and ambition was centred on going back to the authentic scientific origin story and bringing it to life in a more engaging, creative and accessible way through the visual and verbal brand personality.

Go Forth and Conquer liquiproof brand identity with vector of spray bottle

The Solution

Firstly we needed a creative brand idea; ‘Live Boldly’ for us meant the ability to go out into the world free from the worry of stains and dirt. The ability to go forth and grab life! Building on that we created a visual language inspired by the world of laboratories and their intersection with fashion and cosmetics. In a significant move we changed the name of the brand from Liquiproof to ‘Liquiproof LABS’. Recognition of the brands heritage in chemistry and a future commitment to building a sustainable future through innovation.

liquiproof labs new brand design logomark on black with textured brown background

The overall visual personality is punchy and bold. A confident colour palette and novel grid device formed the basis for a high impact and vibrant visual experience. The final result presents Liquiproof in a new contemporary way that ensures its cultural relevance in a fashion inspired market place.

shoes that have been sprayed with liquiproof being doused with water from a tap and vector graphic of a shoe with text Love your stuff

Since launch this year Liquiproof has seen unprecedented results; ASOS has just agreed a new landmark deal with Liquiproof to carry the range, along with Zalando, Office, Offspring and END. These are some of the biggest online fashion retailers in the UK, Europe and the World

Go Forth and Conquer liquiproof brand identity with vector of spray bottle

In terms of social media, last years downward trend of followers reversed immediately on launch of the new brand with followers increasing and a spike in tags, references and influencer approaches. But of course most significantly, our client has reported that early sales figures since the re-launch, indicate YoY sales growth has jumped to 215% which has exceeded all expectations.

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Smart phone screen with instagram of liquiproof new brand identity
Go Forth and Conquer liquiproof brand identity with vector of spray bottle
Go Forth and Conquer liquiproof brand identity with vector of spray bottle
Go Forth and Conquer liquiproof brand identity with vector of spray bottle