Leffe Brand Refresh

Premiumizing and differentiating the world’s first craft beer for their US launch


  • Market Audit
  • Brand Architecture
  • Visual Styling Principles
  • Packaging Design
  • Visual Identity Design
  • NPD Ideation and Execution


  • Successful launch in the US
  • Launch lead to a doubling of market share in 2013 (Euromonitor)
The Brief

Leffe is an ‘Abby Beer’ and has been in production since 1240. It has a great heritage as an aperitif and is drunk with light food in France & Belgium, its traditional markets. Now, Leffe is a global brand sold all over the world with a range of products to suite both moods and occasions. In preparation for a US launch, the challenge lay in increasing brand differentiation against key competitors while capturing the brand heritage and balance with contemporary relevance.

Juliet Victor logo make up of j and v elements in silver on black background
The Challenge
After extensive semiotic visual exploratory, a visual DNA for Leffe was defined within a V. B. I. document. This helps to establish the visual personality of the brand beyond that of a basic brand guideline. This new visual blueprint would inform both the core range and NPD as well as experiential and brand communications.
open Mac laptop with Juliet Victor logo on screen and crown of Tokaj text
The Solution

Once the blueprint was in place we were able to consistently and coherently express the brand across many touch points in a way that felt ‘curated’ and varied rather than being constrained to a rigid brand guideline. 
This new found flexibility also allowed for new innovative products to feel like an authentic extension of the Leffe brand. Overall, a more fluid, confident brand expression.

Leffe Website
collage of Juliet Victor images including wine cask, logo and wine bottle with purple and black colour blocks
background contains map of Europe with Hungary highlighted in purple and foreground has silhouette of wine bottle with Juliet Victor branding