Introducing America to the joy of Tahini

you had me at Tahini title on teal background with a spoon of tahini drizzled over avocado and rye bread


  • Market Audit
  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Visual Identity System
  • Social Media Design
  • Photography / Art Direction
The Brief:

In 2019 Julia’s Superfoods approached Billion and asked our team to partner with them on a journey with an ambition of introducing their range of Tahini products to the wider U.S. market. An ambitious project as Tahini, which is a Mediterranean Ground Sesame Paste, would traditionally be associated with the confines of the ‘Ethnic’ aisle. Julia’s goal was to inspire people to use their products in an everyday American way as a spread and dressing – effectively creating a new category. In order to break conventional thinking – a strong brand strategy would be required to ensure the product offering was clearly understood and viewed as relevant to a health conscious consumer.

julias tahini logo mother nourishment
The Challenge:

The key challenge as we saw it was a fundamental consumer education. We needed to share with Americans what Tahini is, what it is made from and how best to use it in a way that was not exclusively  Mediterranean. Based on insights from a New York based research partner we shaped a brand strategy with education and inspiration at the core. One that wished to share the joy of Tahini through the eyes (and heart) Julia herself. Julia encourages us to ‘upgrade every meal’ as adding a drizzle of Tahini is a flavour and nutrition enhancement every time. Delicious and nutritious!

Mac laptop with Julia's tahini brand website on screen, title text is Discover the Wonders of Tahini
The Result:

The result was a brand that felt celebratory and imaginative – a true culinary adventure. The visual and verbal solution positioned Julia’s Tahini as a contemporary, modern and inviting brand. An incredibly versatile product too as it goes with so many food types.

Julia's tahini sachets in brown and larger pouch in white sitting on a close up of a kitchen table with ingredients surrounding them
spoon of tahini surrounded by sesame seed graphics and the text from my heart to your table beside it

Bold, generous and confident – the brand look and feel embodies the characteristics of Julia herself! It also captures the modernity of health conscious yoga culture and a strong feminine spirit that boasts so many health benefits and usage occasions.

smartphone screen with Julia's tahini website on screen
collage of ten colourful square boxes with various tahini recipe ideas and slogans on them
Julia's J logo with sesame seed feature and photograph of A5 branded leaflets on a table