Foodii, a food app that understands the adventurous foodie in us all

you had me at Tahini title on teal background with a spoon of tahini drizzled over avocado and rye bread


  • Visual Identity
  • Customer Value Proposition
  • Product Communication
  • App UX / UI
  • Social Media & Marketing Assest
The Brief:

The insight was simple. Many people order their daily meals thru their usual app in a largely uninspired way. Their choice is often a ‘default’ go-to favourite largely driven by the fear of experimenting with something new. This lead us to a simple brief – can we design a food delivery app that shifts the paradigm from the user endlessly scrolling through lists of cuisines to choose their meal – to one that puts the app in an advisory role to provide inspiration and suggestions based on a personalised understanding of the users tastes and preferences.

you had me at Tahini title on teal background with a spoon of tahini drizzled over avocado and rye bread
The Challenge:

The key challenge was how do we design an app UX experience that is user focused. We required a way for the user to input their preferences while at the same time not overloading the user and increasing the amount of page transitions. The second challenge was how do we present the user with just the right amount of options so that we don’t ‘lose’ them if our initial suggestions were not spot on. We undertook a UX workshop to explore different ways of building this user journey in order to find the optimal flow. These experiments then moved to wireframe testing which were tested thoroughly.

The Solution:

The UX design for the app requires the user to complete some simple preference settings prior to search. This personalised information allows the app’s algorithm to choose specific meals (rather than restaurants) which the user will likely enjoy. The suggestion screen provides a Tinder style interface where meals are suggested in a carousel style format. The user can swipe left and right depending on whether they like the meal or not. If they feel that they have found their perfect meal they can simply tap once to have the meal delivered.

Julia's tahini sachets in brown and larger pouch in white sitting on a close up of a kitchen table with ingredients surrounding them