IDI Feed Naming & Branding

Creating a name and a visual language for the Irish Design Institute monthly design talk series

FEED branding on screen at event


  • Naming
  • Visual Identity Design
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Merchandise Design
  • Typography
The Brief

Late in 2018 Billion was asked to help develop a new name and visual identity system for the former Bread & Butter design talks which are part of the Irish Design Institute’s (IDI) calender of monthly events. The event sees the Irish design community come together to exchange experience and ideas with a view to building friendships and inspire each other.

Juliet Victor logo make up of j and v elements in silver on black background
The Challenge

The project’s first objective was to create a completely new and original name for the event. A name that would be universal and would capture the experience that people could expect from attending the monthly events. Our approach started with developing event formats that could provide us with a platform for the name to be generated out of. We explored many format ideas which helped tease out the key ambition of ‘nourishing peoples design and creative appetite’. This lead us to developing names which dramatised and communicated this idea.

Full feed branding for July event
FEED F logo on pattern backgrounds
The Solution

With a name in place we turned our attention to the visual expression. The definition of FEED is to ‘supply with material or power’ and this piqued our interest. We wanted to create an identity that felt like a conduit for a world of creative culture and content. This lead us to curated an eclectic look – large bold typography containing delicious, rich imagery. An overall simple and rudimentary solution! Our next ambition was to ensure that this eclectic and varied feel would be sustained over a series of event we undertook a process of exploring how to ‘automate’ the generation of the visual assets. After exploring a number of technology solutions we landed on a process of using set animation behaviours and then combining them with a technique of ‘scraping’ imagery and colour from social media channels using a variety of hashtags such as #irishdesign. This approach means that the visual identity is more of a curated experience rather than a monolithic set of elements. A ‘living’ identity of sorts.

FEED on Instagram
collage of Juliet Victor images including wine cask, logo and wine bottle with purple and black colour blocks
collage of Juliet Victor images including wine cask, logo and wine bottle with purple and black colour blocks