5 Simple Tips for Building an ‘Export Ready’ Brand

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The definition of a global brand is not one which is the same all over the world. Instead it is one that has a core purpose and is able to adapt in a market appropriate way. Here are 5 simple tips for building an export ready brand.

Tip 1: Know The Market

First things first, it is critical to understand the local competition within your chosen market in order to know where you fit in it. Billion have a think tank dedicated to understanding consumer trends and preferences around the world.

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Tip 2: Connecting With Your ‘Why’

In order to meaningfully connect with people your brand must have a clear universally understood brand purpose ( and yes, we mean a purpose beyond profit! ). A purpose that transcends borders and is relevant to the consumers you wish to attract. We have extensive experience developing brand strategies for global brands.

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Tip 3: Design Is In The Detail  

How you look and what you say are key to shaping people’s perception of the product or service you deliver. We use strategic semiotic analysis to ensure that we’ve got the correct design strategy and execution for your brand, allowing it to power its way into people’s hearts.

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Tip 4: Your Website IS Your Shop-front

Digital sales channels are key in 2019. Beautifully designed ecommerce platforms drive conversion and purchase preference. Billion have a blend of design and development capabilities that can deliver intuitive online purchase experiences from concept to launch.

apple you bank concept logo on faded photograph of a community kitchen
Tip 5: Spread the Word (… Wide Web)

It’s important that communication channels are locally relevant, both verbally and visually, in order to drive purchase intent and create ambassadors for your brand. Whether it’s Facebook in North America, Wechat in China or Instagram in India, we have a network of creatives who partner with us to ensure you get the best performance from your marketing spend.

apple you bank concept logo on faded photograph of a community kitchen

Author: Graham Vard, Creative Director