‘Tipping’ the odds and disrupting an industry with betconnect

betconnect b/c logo design and UX/UI screen showing website homepage on mobile


  • Market Audit
  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Visual Identity Design
  • UX / UI Design
  • Digital Advertising & Communications

The Brief 

In 2017, BILLION were asked to develop a new to world brand that would help launch a highly disruptive new product within the sports betting space. Betconnect is the world’s first social betting network that gives you access to the bets of professional gamblers – professionals that are so good they can’t place bets with traditional bookmakers. The product would act as an exchange where regular bettors could access the privileged information from the professionals in exchange for matching their bets.

Full b/c beconnect logomark on navy background - brand design by Billion

The Challenge 

BILLION was tasked with helping the team develop the brand’s proposition, brand strategy, develop distinctive unique visual assets and also bring the brand experience to life through content engagement, digital advertising and UX / UI design. Working through the line to create a completely new way of betting.

laptop with betconnect website homepage design on screen brand design by Billion

The Solution 

As this product experience was targeting a younger, more tech savy persona group combined with the need to cut through so much visual clutter within the UK sports betting space we proposed creating a brand look and feel that was closer aligned with a financial investment product rather than a traditional bookmaker.

illustration of two figures facing each other pro and punter. part of brand design from Billion
illustration of UK map and pro icons for social media and advertising - brand by Billion

A clean, bold and contemporary look helps achieve a simplify perception and understanding of the service while an intuitive and clear interface design delivers a consistent product experience through language, visual elements and experiential.

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UX/UI app screen on a smart phone showing home page design
connect match follow icons as part of brand design and identity for betconnect by Billion studio
icon page and illustration of hand with money in fist designed as part of branding for bet connect.